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Simple Weather Widget - Compact, detailed, configurable, elegant, hyper-local.

Seller: Back Bay Bytes LLC
Price: FREE

Download Simple Weather Widget - Compact, detailed, configurable, elegant, hyper-local. free via AppsHawk.

Simple Weather Widget is simply the best weather widget in the App Store. It provides a highly customizable, very compact, beautifully designed widget in the "Today" view on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, which displays the current weather (and, optionally, a forecast) for your location. Finally a weather widget with NO WASTED SPACE on your Today screen!

A simple, clean, compact design with lots of options so you see as much or as little information as you want. Available information:

Current Weather:
- Temperature
- Clouds/Precipitation
- Relative humidity or dew point
- Today's high/low temperatures
- Wind speed and direction
- Sunrise/sunset time
- Severe weather alerts (premium users only)
- "Feels like" temperature (premium users only)
- UV Index (premium users only)

- Temperature (hourly & daily high/low)
- Clouds/Precipitation
- Precipitation likelihood (hourly & daily) (premium users only)
- Wind speed (hourly) (premium users only)

As much or as little as you'd like of all that information, and it only takes up a tiny bit of your Notification Center screen space.

You can also change the colors, select from three icon styles, or add a background image.

Featuring quality weather data for your area from OpenWeatherMap, or with the Premium upgrade, super-accurate weather data for your precise location powered by Forecast!

To add the widget to your Today view, once you've installed the app, just swipe down from the top of the screen, select the "Today" tab, and then find the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. Under "Do Not Include", you'll find an item called "Weather" with the app's icon. Tap the little green (+) button next to it, and you're all set!


The free version of Simple Weather Widget provides a basic service (simple hourly/daily forecast, current weather, etc.) using OpenWeatherMap as its data source, which updates once every few hours.

Optionally, you can upgrade to Simple Weather Widget Plus, which updates once an hour, for a one-time small fee ($0.99 in the US, similar price elsewhere).

You may also upgrade to a Simple Weather Widget Premium, which gives you access to ultra-high-quality weather data, and includes many additional features such as severe weather alerts, UV Index, forecasted precipitation likelihood, and "Feels Like" temperatures, plus much more frequent updates (around 15-20 minutes). A Premium subscription (which costs $0.99 in the U.S., similar price elsewhere) lasts for 6 months, at which point it will automatically renew. The automatic renewal can be turned off within iTunes on your computer or your device. Alternately you can purchase a lifetime subscription to Premium, which never expires, for a one-time fee.