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Sleep Noise - Nature Sounds and Fractals

Seller: Blue Vine Solutions, LLC
Price: FREE

Download Sleep Noise - Nature Sounds and Fractals free via AppsHawk.

Sleep noise contains 20 professionally recorded nature sounds and 30 stunning Fractal images to distract your thoughts, help you to fall asleep, and hopefully achieve optimal sleep faster. Also ideal for meditation, yoga, and other relaxing activities.

+ 30 Stunning fractals to delight you or bore you to sleep. We hope it's the latter.

+ Sound pack includes cricket sounds, bird sounds, waves, and rain.

+ Optionally turn sound off to see the fractal images by itself.

+ Easy to use and navigate.

Sleep Noise automatically transitions through all 30 fractals to get your mind off whatever it is that's keeping your awake ;-)
A collection of nature sounds add soothing white noise to the background. Let nature help you sleep!

Make sure you have the ringer turned on to hear the sounds on your iPhone :-)

*For my dear sons Caleb and Jacob: may you fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly every day!

** Do NOT use while driving, operating machinery or any other activity that requires you being awake and alert.
** Use at your own risk.