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Social Speaker - Audible Tweets

Seller: ObeeMobee LLC
Price: FREE

Download Social Speaker - Audible Tweets free via AppsHawk.

A hands-free and audible Twitter radio client. New Tweets are automatically retrieved, displayed and spoken.

- No need to pull to refresh. Listen to the latest Tweets as you multitask.
- Speak Tweets from your Timeline, Mentions, Lists or Saved Searches.
- Detect and speak reply threads (i.e. Tweetstorms) from the same user in chronological order.
- Sound triggers: Play a sound when certain words or phrases are in a Tweet.
- Choose from any of the iOS speaking voices installed on your device (we recommend Siri Enhanced).
- Set the speaking rate.
- View Tweets in-app or open them in your preferred Twitter client.
- Profanity filter.
- Accessible (VoiceOver).
- Kaomoji/emoji art: the most popular of these are detected and spoken aloud.

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