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THIS is the app named "Soil" remade with afresh redrawing picture materials as focus on the soil as the main theme of the scene (terrains) from the masterpiece of Satoshi KAKO who is represent Japanese author of picture book, “THE EARTHE” (Chikyū : sono naka o sagurō) which was published in 1975.

EARTH'S radius is around 6,370km, however we live, in fact, on outermost part called the earth's crust which is the surface of the layer of merely 5 ~ 40km thickness. Furthermore, there is the soil at the outermost place of earth's crust of where is the shallow part that we can touch.

WE have known about the soil without much surprise ever since we could remember. However, who can explain it in detail, what it is, how it made and what influences have been affected on other living things and our life.

IN this work, deals with "the soil" which is common and can be found everywhere in addition it is difficult to be taken interest in it, and furthermore the relationship involving in various animals, plants and human production activities on the earth as the main theme. Meanwhile, the author who produced this app wants people to widely have an interest in not only the soil but also natural science, and then, additionally the author's hope is this app can be a small trigger that people start to consider about the soil and natural science. However, because of incapable as the author is, there would be many imperfections on this work even if the author possesses an enthusiasm and produced it with a great intention. So, if many users would support author's imperfection things and also that would be a help for author's studying, that is not just the thing the author wishes for. )

What is the soil?
How deep do persimmon tree’s roots extend in the ground?
What shape does western hydrangea’s roots look like?
How is groundwater pooling?
What shape does a leaf of burdock look like?
How does a peanut bear?
Why does an old world swallowtail lay eggs on carrot’s leaf?
What is the difference between Japanese soil and other regions'.
What kinds of living things are in a paddy field?
What kinds of aquatic plants are in the river?

HERE are containing the answers to various questions of uncountable of “Why, What, How” in your mind. The stuffs in this work are, however, just a fake and artificial experiences on only software, therefore kinds of living things and phenomenon that was able to treat on this app cannot hold a candle to actual complicated great nature. So, after you played with this app, please go outside and visit real nature to touch them. If you could feel the difference between real and fake, that should make the author happy.

[ Languages ]
Japanese and Engish
*SWITCHING "Language" from English to Japanese, the language of the app is also switched to Japanese.

[ Supporter ]
NPO Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum
Miyata Bussan Inc.

[ Production Staff ]
Design & Illustration & Text
Kakinuma Tsutomu( OLTVECTS )

Iwase Keijiro( act1 corp )

Tanaka Haruo( Assoc.Prof. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology )

Supervision ( Ant Nest )
Sato Toshiyuki( Assoc.Prof. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology )

Supervision & Text ( Arakawa River Stage )
Imamura Kazuyuki( Director / Secretary general . NPO Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum )

Matsushita Shouhei( M-Swift )

Sound Effect & English Transration
Horino Yuki

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