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Solar Eclipse Timer

Seller: Foxwood Astronomy, LLC.
Price: FREE

Download Solar Eclipse Timer free via AppsHawk.

With Solar Eclipse Timer I become your personal solar eclipse astronomer and will talk you through a solar eclipse! This app was used successfully by thousands of people for the 2017 USA solar eclipse! Including professional eclipse chasers! See this information and all compiled reviews on my website

A major change for Version 2 is that it is not limited to just an upcoming eclipse! You now have the ability to work with future eclipses due to the feature of in-app purchases of future eclipses. You must buy the eclipse you are interested in for the app to function on eclipse day. When you buy an eclipse, the data for that eclipse becomes available for the app to work with. Then, on eclipse day, after you choose the proper eclipse from the list, you can be ready to time the eclipse with just "two taps". All total solar eclipses from 2019 in South America to 2024 in the United States can be purchased individually! However, still loaded in the app is the 2017 USA solar eclipse so you can practice using the app.

Solar Eclipse Timer still has the simple “Two Tap” setup. After you are in the path; 1. Tap To GPS Geolocate. 2. Tap to load the contact times! The app does its calculations internally. It does not require cell service or an internet connection to time the eclipse.

When you use Solar Eclipse Timer, it is one part of my three-part program of eclipse education and preparation. This app is integrated with my Solar Eclipse Timer YouTube channel and my website. It’s like having me as your person eclipse coach.


NEW USER INTERFACE - The new Select A Task screen makes using the app easy for everyone! New information dialogue boxes help guide you through the steps of using the app. This app is designed to be used by first-time eclipse observers as well as veteran eclipse chasers.
IN-APP PURCHASING OF UPCOMING ECLIPSES - Buy data sets for future eclipses so you can plan ahead.
PARTIAL ECLIPSE TIMING MODE - You can time any eclipse as a partial eclipse if you are not getting into the path of totality.
APP TUTORIAL VIDEO - There is a built-in app tutorial that will explain everything you need to know in 9 minutes.
DEVICE SOUND CHECK TESTS - Make sure your audio and notification settings are correctly enabled in your device.
NEW ECLIPSE PRACTICE VIDEO - The practice video has been changed and improved. This is a unique training feature.
NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS - Announcements have been added, improved and the timing adjusted. Now reminders for working with camera solar filters.
REVISED HELP FILE – The Help File has been re-written, is comprehensive and includes external hyperlinks to my YouTube channel videos about eclipse subjects. There are over 3 hours of custom eclipse video content including some of my original research.
LOAD SAVED ECLIPSE DATA - Saved eclipse data coordinates can now be loaded from the file.

- Contact times and max eclipse countdowns.
- Partial Phase Image Sequence Calculator.
- Announcement and notification practice session.
- Automatic geolocation.
- Contact Time Adjust buttons for the Lunar Limb Profile corrections
- Save eclipse site data as a file with additional fields to enter custom notes.

This App Is Ad Free!


We are NOT liable for misuse of the app causing inaccurate timing or the lack of eye safety precautions during the observation of a solar eclipse.

The "glasses off" and "glasses on" statements are a guide based on the calculated contact times. The timing can be affected by your phone's clock and the shape of the shadow due to the edge of the lunar limb. Lunar limb adjustment times for every point on the path are available on the internet. You are responsible for using the Adjust buttons to enter corrected times. Glasses should be ON if it's bright!