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Somatic Inducer - Ambient SciFi to sleep

Seller: James Munro
Price: -1

Download Somatic Inducer - Ambient SciFi to sleep free via AppsHawk.

This App was inspired by the LCARS interface and attempts to replicate the Somatic Inducer as described in season 4 of The Next Generation.

Fully animated interface responds with beeps and moves just like the real thing.

Get ready to Engage and after selecting which soundscape you desire, you're ready to begin the Trek through the Stars.

Currently holds 14 simulations, each with its own visual animation.
From the deck of the Nostromo to The Doctor's TARDIS there's enough here for any sci-fi fan to relax. More to come.

All Audio Scenes were chosen for being Sci-Fi related and tested to help you relax or get to sleep.

If you need additional induction you can overlay one of four waves over the soundscape - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.

By default the soundscape will shutoff after 1 hour but you can change the timer by going into settings.

Check out the trailer on youtube: