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Speed Tracker With Compass

Seller: Fatih Dursun
Price: -1

Download Speed Tracker With Compass free via AppsHawk.

•places a highly accurate speedometer in the palm of your hand
•dedicated faces for mph, km/h, knots
•displays current speed with both an analog and digital readout
•records your maximum speed for a session
•ability to lock your maximum speed so it`s not overwritten by a new maximum speed
•ability to reset your maximum speed in order to record a new
• high level of contrast in order to easily see in the daylight
• clear GPS accuracy indicator
• trip meter to measure distance you have traveled
• toggle a setting to keep measuring max speed & trip while
you`re using other apps
• digital readout records up to 999 mph, 999 km/h, 99.9 knots

Great for the following:
• driving
• on a train
• sailing/boating
• motorcycle rides
• plane rides
• anything where you want to measure speed
• keep the unit in the line of sight of the sky
• try to stay close to the same position for a few moments
while the device gets a GPS lock
• even with a good GPS signal reading, the unit may take a
little bit of time on startup to get a GPS lock on especially when you
are moving fast

Note: Connected Route Tracker app is designed for your iPhone. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.