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The FFI List

Seller: Stuart Breckenridge
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Download The FFI List free via AppsHawk.

Easy, Instant Access:
The FFI List stores data locally on your iOS device in an optimised format. This means that access is instant and you don't need to use a browser or another, slower application to conduct lookups or analysis on the FFI list.

Powerful, Simple Search:
From a single search bar, you can search for a GIIN, an FFI, a domicile, or all three in one go. A search for 'Santander France' will present you with all the Santander FIs domiciled in France. There's no need for multiple search fields.

Saving, Validating:
Saving FFIs is simple: swipe left and save! Saved FFIs are automatically validated each time a new FFI list is downloaded. The app will tell you when an FFI was last validated.

You can export your saved FFIs, Sponsored Groups, or Expanded Affiliated Groups as CSVs.

This app is not affiliated with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.