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The Impossible Game!!

Seller: Truong An
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The Impossible Game!! By AmIClever.

"From the daughter of the phone's owner: I have clinical depression. No really. And I can not - stop - SMILING!!! Inventive, colorful, INSANE. It's so much fun! As long as you have imagination and an open mind you might never be bored again!! Well- until you beat it. But even if you do- in 10 minutes you'll forget! HA!"

The new graphics style of impossible test has just come. The graphics are funny and not like any other impossible test games, bring you new experience of the type of this game.

ARE YOU CLEVER enough to answer all the impossible questions?Complete the quiz by answering all of the "questions". It may sound easy, but will require little luck, and insane logic. Let's THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!