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Trump Donald

Seller: James Robinson
Price: FREE

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Were you ever waiting in the coffee shop and had a sudden urge to tap Donald Trump's Presidential face? Then this is the app for you!
But you've got to move fast! He'll do everything he can to avoid your pointing finger.

Challenge yourself, see how many times you can tap him in 30 seconds, or just go easy and catch him as much as you'd like!


We firmly believe in a consistent user experience, and advertisements for things that don't belong to us have no place in our applications. You're welcome.



This is not actually Donald Trump's face. Any attempt to converse or otherwise interact with it will result in weird looks from him and possibly from people around you.

The opinions expressed by this app and its users are not the opinions of its developer, as his political opinion is irrelevant.

This application is for entertainment purposes only. Seriously.