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Twang Southern Translator

Seller: Net5 LLC
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Say what?!
Do you have a hard time understanding what your southern friend is trying to say? Accent aside, sometimes their sayings just don't make any sense to you, bless your heart. Well you're just in luck. Use Twang Southern Translator to help translate what that redneck hillbilly just said to you or learn to speak their language by choosing from a variety of Southern insults, compliments and more! Use the app often and you may just become more country than biscuits and gravy!

Our Story:
Twang was born around the dinner table (or is it supper table?) at our family gatherings in North and South Carolina. Having married into a good North Carolina family, there would inevitably be a saying I had never heard before, but somehow it still made sense. They tell a story or paint a visual in a short and concise one liner. Last summer, we started writing some of them down and the list has now grown to over 400! When we first started building the app, Twang would simply translate back and forth, but the problem was that I didn’t know that many sayings to ask Twang to translate. We found it much more fun to generate them! Try something like: “Margo, [Endearment] you [Compliment] but [Insult].” Twang will generate something like: “Margo, y’all fit as a fiddle but ain’t worth a hill of beans”. This app is meant to be fun, so have a sense of humor, compliment somebody or insult somebody with some good old Southern style. If you have any sayings of your own, use the “Suggest a Phrase” and we’ll include it. Our phrase dictionary updates each day so keep ‘em comin’! Have fun y’all!