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ubisys Smart Home

Seller: ubisys technologies GmbH
Price: FREE

Download ubisys Smart Home free via AppsHawk.

The ubisys Smart Home app allows you to dim lights, switch sockets on and off, regulate shading, control heating, setup a security system, measure your power consumption and many other things.

Your data remains completely on the ubisys Gateway G1 and is never transferred to the cloud. This guarantees your privacy is always protected. Stand-alone operation in local networks for high reliability and fast response times; an internet connection is only required for push notifications and remote access. Even while on the road, the app always connects to your gateway directly - without taking a cloud detour.

The components form a wireless ZigBee network and can be operated by smartphone and tablet. Of course you can still use all existing switches to turn your lights on and off.

Devices can also be grouped together and incorporated into scenarios of your choosing. With the push of a button you will experience the perfect feel-good atmosphere or the ideal working environment.

Using the "Leave home" scenario you can switch off all non-essential consumers. Existing switches and push buttons can be configured to switch on and off various other consumers, dimm the lights, recall scenes etc.

Countless options offered by various kinds of timers facilitate automating regular tasks, e.g. open the window blinds in the mornings and close them in the evenings or run light scenes during your holidays to simulate presence. As easy as setting an alarm clock.

Even the most compelling automations can be realized using JavaScript modules, which run on the gateway.

To be able to use the app you will require ubisys Gateway G1 as well as an assortment of ZigBee components such as the universal dimmer D1, power switches S1/S2, or shutter control J1 by ubisys. They are flush mounted behind existing light switches, sockets, shutter controls and shutter boxes, or a simple power outlet and even put in a lamp - therefore totally invisible. Further variants are available for installation in fuse cabinets.

The ubisys Smart Home platform is open to compatible ZigBee products of third parties. This includes certified ZigBee 3.0 products, including energy-harvesting battery-less switches and sensors built using ZigBee Green Power, and products based on earlier standards ZigBee Home Automation 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2, as well as ZigBee Light Link 1.0 and 1.1.

Compatible third party ZigBee products include: Philips hue connected bulbs, OSRAM Lightify products, professional ZigBee lighting products by BEGA and RIBAG, IKEA Trådfri lights, RGBW controllers by dresden elektronik, smart plugs by develco products, meazon, Climax or bitronhome, sirens, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, thermostats, motion detectors, door/window contacts, leakage detectors, key fobs and key pads by CentraLite, NYCE, and develco products among others.

All ubisys ZigBee components are kept up to date via wireless firmware updates. We also redistribute the latest firmware for devices made by third party vendors when such updates are available.

We are constantly adding new products to our offering. You'll find a selection of devices, which are guaranteed to interoperate, in our online-shop at

Some legacy battery-powered products, which employ insufficient security, are rejected. Products with poor zigbee implementations might not work as expected.