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uHIT Mobile is the easy way to start training your brain before your at-bat. When you play the uHIT Games on uHIT Mobile, you will make your uHIT Profile and be able to track your performance and speed at Pitch Recognition and Strike Recognition. As the Washington Post says, uHIT Mobile is like “taking batting practice via a smartphone.” Improve your game on-the-go and use uHIT Mobile just like the pros.


• EASY ASSESSMENT BEFORE THE GAME: uHIT Mobile allows you to measure your Pitch Recognition and Strike Recognition via the uHIT Games before you step in the box. You can use this info to practice before the game so you’re at your peak performance for game time.
• EASY TRACKING OF YOUR PERFORMANCE: Every uHIT Mobile download comes with your uHIT Profile. With your uHIT Profile, you can track day-to-day how well you are seeing the ball. Every time you complete a uHIT Game, the results go immediately to your uHIT Profile. Track you performance and get better!
• INSIGHT INTO YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION: uHIT Mobile is a simplified version of another piece of uHIT Hardware, uHIT Neural. In addition to what we measure with uHIT Mobile, uHIT Neural also measures your brain activity directly to determine when exactly you decided to swing at a strike even before you moved! Using our extensive database though, we can estimate your brain activity pretty well to give you the info you need to get better at recognizing good pitches.
• PRACTICE ON-THE-GO: uHIT Mobile is … well, mobile! Take your batting practice with you. If you’re on the bus, get some reps in there. If you’re in the clubhouse, get some reps in there. Or if you’re just hanging out at home, get some reps in there. It’s easy to develop your hitting brain when you’re not on the field with uHIT Mobile.

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