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VRTool Sidekick

Seller: Omar reis
Price: FREE

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VRTool SideKick (VSK) combines a sailing calculator and a GPS data logger. It transforms your GPS enabled iphone in a powerful sail boat racing tool.

VSK is useful enough alone, but it is designed to work in concert with VRTool desktop software. While sailing, use VSK to monitor your current sail performance. For that VSK uses the phone GPS, the current wind conditions and the polar curves of your boat. It shows the current polar line, TWA, sail efficiency, best course to destination, great circle distance and course.

It also operates as a data logger, saving boat positions and other sail variables periodically. The points can later be uploaded to VRTool desktop for further analysis and documentation .

VRTool desktop allows track planning, weather routing optimization using NOAA wind forecasts, chart visualization with winds, marks, tracks and leg calculator.

Version 2.5 adds a real time editor of your boat polars database ( similar to VRTool's Polar Studio ). Edit your boat polars as you sail by dragging the curves.

Sidekick can also be configured to act as a NMEA talker, broadcasting GPS messages to other software connected to the boat TCP/IP network via wi-fi.