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Seller: SafeHouse Systems
Price: FREE

Download WebGuest free via AppsHawk.

For use by residents who reside in communities that use SafeHouse Access Control Systems and whose communities have also installed the Webguest module.

The App allows:

- Residents to access their data via the web utilizing a cell phone, tablet or PDA.

- Residents to manage (add, delete, print) their own guest list based on guest class and period rules established by the Board or the property manager.

- Residents to request a copy of their guest list be sent to their registered email address.

- Residents to actually view a traffic report of guests who were recently granted access to the community. This report may also be exported for use in a program such as Excel.

- Residents to change their primary email address in the system (subject to rules established by the Board or the property manager).

- Residents to manage a system that alerts community security officers to the fact that you are on vacation or away from your property.

- Residents to manage a system that sends various alerts to your cell phone (subject to participation in this program by the community).