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Wireless Provider

Seller: Geekme
Price: FREE

Download Wireless Provider free via AppsHawk.

The Mobile Net Finder checks LIVE the wireless provider for a mobile number. A must-have for all of you, who use a cellphone or text-message flat for only one wireless network.

The network provider finder can verify your phone number in real time – so not just by your code. Also at ported numbers, the current wireless provider will be displayed.

This service works worldwide! More about our service:

:: query the provider from mobile phones all over the world
:: also ported numbers will be displayed
:: check numbers directly from your addressbook
:: choose your country and do request worldwide
:: real live MNP-Query each time you request
:: start calling, messaging or factime directly from our app

My provider are unable to find:
Please inform us with the phone number and we do a research.

Data privacy:
All telephone numbers will be keyed an transmitted over the internet. The use of the mobile phone numbers will not occur by us or any other third party at any time.

* The phone number you entered is going to be saved to your UDID.
* The phone number you entered will be sent to our secured server, so we are able to define the network provider of your partner.
* The phone number you entered will not be used for any other service by us or any third party.