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Wiring Harnesser

Seller: Clinton Flowers
Price: FREE

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Whether making a project car wiring harness or documenting an electrical closet, Wiring Harnesser is a must-have app for the 21st century technician. When you're elbow-deep in wires, and you just want to know, "What wires go to this connector?", don’t fight with expensive tools or cryptic diagrams: Wiring Harnesser is in your pocket to help.
It’s a powerfully simple wiring diagram replacement or supplement that can be used from anywhere in the shop or the field, rather than just at a PC. It includes:

• Tools to input Groups, Connectors, and Nets to document how everything is connected (you can think of Nets as either one wire or a set of electrically common wires):
◦ The ability to ‘associate’ Connectors into Groups, and Connectors with Nets.
â—¦ A detail page for each type, allowing you to see what each pin of a connector does at a glance, or see which connectors go with which groups, or which exact pin that sensor wire goes to.
â—¦ Tap to navigate between associated detail pages, allowing you to follow the logical connections through a harness.
• Upload renderings or existing wiring diagrams, or take your own pictures of connectors or groups. When you need to reference something in the image, such as embossed pin numbers on a connector, you can tap to open the picture and zoom in to see the details.
• Wire gauge equivalency calculation, between mm2, AWG, and circular mils. Input any of them to see the other two.
• Harness file importing and exporting including via AirDrop, Email, or cloud file sharing apps.