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Seller: Robert Templeton
Price: FREE

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wobinich (whereami)?

Maps are great as long as you have a data connection. If you don’t, trying to describe to someone where you are – especially in an emergency – can be difficult. wobinich is a simple App that allows you to send your latitude and longitude in a message. As long as you have a GSM connection (2G) you can send an SMS to someone.

The recipient of your message is sent your coordinates in four formats:

• Latititude and Longitude – for input into a GPS device and/or your recipient doesn’t have a smartphone
• Apple Maps URL – clicking on the link will open Apple Maps (iOS or Mac OS X)
• Google Maps URL – clicking on the link will open Google Maps (if available on the recipient’s device)
• Street Address – only sent if a data connection is available to decipher your location

I developed this App so my wife could send me her coordinates while biking around Corfu, Greece – where many of the streets and tracks have no names. And where we are too cheap to pay for data roaming charges for our iPhones. By the way, she is also the person depicted in the icon.

Please Note

• Allow the App to use Location Services when it first starts up.
• You can only determine a street address when you have a data connection.
• Once you see Lat and Lon on the screen, you can press the Share button.
• After selecting the Share button, select the type of message you want to send – as long as you have a GSM connection, you can send a SMS via the Messages App.
• GPS is available on selected iOS devices (most, but not all). If you have a device without a GPS chip, Location Services uses WIFI to determine your location.

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