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Seller: Semyon A. Chertkov
Price: FREE

Download XmlPad free via AppsHawk.

XmlPad is a professional editor for XML docs processing which allows presenting the data in tabular style. It includes a text editor with syntax highlighting, string numeration, collapsing and element autocompletion options. It is integrated with full-function table editor which considerably simplifies the documents processing at the tablet device.

It maintains autoformatting and XML validation under the specified DTD, XSD, RelaxNG, and Schematron schemas while representing errors in the documents text at the same time.
It allows to run XQuery queries and XSLT transforms. Built-in command console lets
to run curl and base file commands.

The table editor allows creating xml docs at several touches, it has a content panning function and is synchronized with document textual view.

You are also able to switch the table and the text views of the document while making alterations where it is convenient at the moment.

Visit website to see the video presenting XmlPad capabilities.