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ZZZZ - Go back to sleep

Seller: Technologies, Inc.
Price: FREE

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Do you lay awake at night and stare at the clock?
Do you think about how much longer you have left to sleep?
Do you wonder if you should just get up now or try to get back to sleep?

ZZZZ is designed to help you go back to sleep and wake up naturally.

ZZZZ is a simple clock with 3 modes:

Awake: Shows you the current time.
Asleep: Shows a dimmed ZZZZ.
Wak up soon: Shows the current time, dimmed.

When in "Asleep" mode, the clock only displays ZZZZ, telling you that you should go back to sleep and not worry about what time it is. You can also configure ZZZZ to show the current time (dimmed) prior to wakeup (default is 45 minutes prior), allowing you to see the time and get out of bed if you wake up naturally in that time.

ZZZZ allows you to focus on getting back to sleep when there is still lots of time left to sleep, and to get up refreshed when it's time to wake up.

NOTE: ZZZZ is not an alarm.