What is “featured” app?

The main goal of AppsHawk is to present to its users only top quality apps. In order for your app to become features it has to be unique, useful and cool. If you are a creative app developer and have created an app that meets these simple criteria, please register as an app developer and share your wonderful app with our audience. We will be honored to review it and make it featured so that it receives the popularity it deserves.

Why to become “featured”?

The answer to this question is simple – to become famous. And we mean really famous! We guarantee high popularity to all apps that become featured in AppsHawk. After all that’s our only goal – to help all the quality apps and talented app developers to get the fame they truly deserve.

How to make your app “featured”?

Our rules are simple. As a matter of fact you have to follow just 3 easy steps. Firstly, you have to register as an app developer. Secondly – send us a request to review your free app. In case it’s paid just make it free for at least two days. Finally, after we make sure that your app meets our conditions, your cool app will become “featured”. Then what? Well, once you have become featured, the only thing left will be to enjoy the popularity your efforts brought you.

Where will your app appear after being “featured”?

All featured apps are being shown on three different places – at the top right corner of AppsHawk.com home page, at the bottom left corner of the home page (as previously featured after the 7 days period has expired) and on the start screen of our mobile application, of course. So, with just one action you get three great opportunities to promote your app.

How long will your app stay “featured”?

AppsHawk gives the app developers the great opportunity for their app to stay in status featured for a period of 1 week (7 days). Just imagine how many downloads, user comments and fame this could bring you. Go for it!

How much does it cost to become “featured”?

We have left the best news for desert! Becoming “featured” in AppsHawk is 100% free! We guarantee there won’t be any hidden taxes for our users or developers! Our goal is not to make money on the backs of our fans, but to promote the coolest and most useful apps available.